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Formic acid can be used as latex coagulant in latex production

Formic acid can be used as latex coagulant in latex production


With the protection of the environment, the rubber industry has also ushered in a great challenge, in the premise of ensuring that the environment is not broken strange benefits increase, will use some latex additives.Formic Acid is one of the basic raw materials of organic chemical industry. It is used and plays an important role in pesticide, leather, medicine, rubber, printing and dyeing, chemical raw materials and other industries.

The substance that can make latex lose stability and produce gelation, solidification, call coagulant, also call desulfurizer.According to the degree and condition of solidification, the coagulants can be divided into three categories.

(1) strong coagulant: this material can make the latex quickly solidification.Its function is that it carries the positive charge ion and the rubber particle surface adsorption anion union, soon produces the material which is not easy to dissociate, thus causes the colloidal particle to lose the charge and solidifies.This kind of coagulant can be divided into internal coagulant and external coagulant according to the different coagulation modes.Internal coagulants, such as acids, are added directly to latex to cause coagulation.The external coagulant is mainly used in the coagulant impregnation method.

(2) slow coagulant: this kind of coagulant makes latex produce slow coagulation.Its function is that it hydrolyzes in the latex to produce ionized particles with positive charge or colloids with strong adsorption ability, so as to neutralize the negative charge carried by the colloidal particles or absorb the stabilizer on the colloidal particles and make the latex solidify.Because the solubility of this kind of material in water is very small, so the rate of cationic and colloidal material is very low, so the reaction is slow, to go through a period of time before the latex solidification

(3) thermosetting agent: this kind of coagulant is to make the latex to a certain temperature above the coagulation.Therefore, it is also called a thermal sensitizer.Its use is in normal temperature on the stability of latex does not damage or basically has no adverse effect, but the rise in temperature will produce a high degree of activity of cationic particles or colloidal protective layer material solubility decreases, resulting in colloidal surface dehydration and latex solidification.For the production of thick latex products, people have done a lot of work in the application of coagulant.For example, cyclohexylamine acetate and cyclohexylamine borate as well as their combined use with calcium ions as strong coagulants have appeared successively in cyclohexylamine coagulants.Some people put forward by water, rubber latex, surfactant and two or three valence metal salt composition of rubber latex coagulant, its characteristics is not hygroscopic, not delamination, has a strong coagulation ability to latex, suitable for thick latex products.

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